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Ransomware Recovery Solutions

Three Step Recovery Solution As ransomware extortion tactics grow more sophisticated and companies continue to fall prey to phishing attacks, Tracepoint’s Ransomware Recovery Solutions help organizations rapidly respond in a crisis by deploying a combination of on-demand resources and technology.

Cyber criminals continue to innovate and leverage new attack vectors to deploy dynamic variants of ransomware, so it’s not a matter of how they get in, but rather how you are going to minimize the impact to your organization.

Our Ransomware Recovery Solutions team will start by creating and executing on an extortion strategy with key decision makers involved. As part of this strategic response plan, the organization can leverage a wide variety of recovery options such as ransom settlement, on-site deployment of IT personnel, and threat monitoring to accelerate containment and restoration.

Extortion Strategy

Negotiation, Settlement & Decryption

Tracepoint will help clients first determine a data recovery strategy. In some cases our experts will help coordinate the negotiation and settlement of crypto currency in order to recover decryption keys. In addition to this service, Tracepoint specialists will analyze the suspected malware and data exfiltration capability to identify any malicious activity.