Avoid Paying a Ransom

It is as important to prepare for a ransomware attack as it is for any natural disaster or crisis. The key to being able to reject a ransomware demand and minimize business interruption is a ransomware-specific resiliency plan that allows for a business-driven response rather than a response propelled by the pressures applied by the attackers.  

Decisions to pay a ransom are difficult and can be complicated by legal constraints or public scrutiny.  A victim company may become front-page news or may face uncertainty around the legality of payments as states propose legislation to restrict or ban payments, and ransomware actors are found to be linked to sanctioned entities and nation-states. Understanding and preparing for the risk gives the victim company not only presence of mind but offers operational contingencies and confidence to reject a ransom. Below are some tips on how to alleviate immediate pressures created by ransomware attacks.

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